ClearImage Subscription for Azure Web Apps (SAWA)

ClearImage Subscription for Azure Web Apps

The ClearImage Subscription for Azure Web Apps ("SAWA") license provides access to ClearImage barcode recognition and image processing engines for applications operating under the Microsoft® Azure Web Apps Subscription (also named Azure App Service.)
ClearImage SAWA is an annual subscription. Each ClearImage SAWA license is associated with a single Azure Subscription ID enabling the utilization of ClearImage by ALL Azure Web Apps instances that use this Azure Subscription ID.

Installation and Licensing

SAWA licensing may be installed and activated on any Azure Web App instance connected to the Internet ("Development instance") . Afterwards it can be deployed to the Production instances.

  • Production instance can be isolated from the Internet and can have a different URL from the Development instance.
  • The Production and Development instances should operate with the same Azure Subscription ID

Use of ClearImage products is governed by terms of the latest Inlite Download User License Agreement (DULA), available at
By using the following procedure you AGREE to the terms of this agreement.

1 – Install on the Development Instance

A Basic Web App endpoint has to be created on the Development instance, even if only intended use is WebJobs.

  1. Inlite will provide link to download ClearImageNet.70.dll. Place this file in \bin folder of your Web App
  2. Add the following section to web.config
           <modules  runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true">
              <add name="ClearImage" type="Inlite.ClearImageIIS.HttpModule"/>
    If you have other modules added, make sure that ClearImage is the first in the <modules> list.
    NOTE: This configuration is for Integrated Pipeline. Contact Inlite if you are using Classic Pipeline.
  3. Start your Web Site
  4. Verify installation. Browse to SAWA Portal
    If installation is correct USER and INFO sections are present.
  5. Send Web Site URL to

2 – Install Evaluation license

Inlite provides 30 days license for evaluation and development.
The following components are provided:

  • License file is a file with an ily extension
  • User code is string in the form name|code , where name identifies name of your company and code is 16 character HEX string, e.g. YourCompany|dc67af8cf0ae9137

ClearImage searches for License file in an ily_folder.
Default location is a Web App’s \bin\Inlite folder (typically D:\home\site\wwwroot\bin\Inlite)
Alternatively, if required, use any folder specified in web.config (for Web Apps) or app.config (for WebJobs)

  •   <appSettings>
         <add key="ilyFolder" value="ily_folder"/>

Deploy Licences file to a Development instance by one of these methods:

  • Click on Download Subscription License in SAWA Portal to place License file in Web App’s \bin\Inlite folder.
  • Use Kudu to place License file, emailed by Inlite, in ily_folder. Instructions are here.

3 – Enable licensing in your code

Web Apps activation

  • Make the following call before ANY calls to ClearImage API
  Inlite.ClearImageNet.Server.SetVar("user", "name|code");
Where name|code is a User Code supplied by Inlite.

WebJobs activation

  • Add Reference to ClearImageNet.70.dll. Set Copy Local to True
  • Add to app.config
     <add key="ilyFolder" value="D:\home\site\wwwroot\bin\Inlite"/>
  • Make the following call to Main() before ANY calls to ClearImage API
Inlite.ClearImageNet.Server.SetVar("user", "name|code");  
Where name|code is a User Code supplied by Inlite.

4 – Purchase SAWA License Subscription

Inlite sales will provide a quote for subscription price based on anticipated peak usage of ClearImage functionality, Please provide the following information:

  • Your Azure Service Plan:
    • App Service Plan’s pricing tier ( P1, P2, P3, S1, S2, S3, B1, B2, B3, D1)
    • Maximum Number of Instance in Production deployment
  • Which ClearImage product to be used. Supported products are:
    • ClearImage Reader 1D (Server License)
    • ClearImage Reader 2D (Server License)
    • ClearImage Reader 1D+2D (Server License)
    • ClearImage Driver License Reader (Server License)
    • ClearImage IP (Server License)
  • Description of the production Azure instance functionality:
    • Is Azure instance’s Web App or WebJob is mostly dedicated to use ClearImage functionality?
    • Is Azure instance’s Web App or WebJob is a large application, where ClearImage is a small part of overall functionality?

5 – Install Production License

Following the purchase of a license, Inlite will provide you with the Production ILY file.
Methods to deploy production License file to Azure Web App ily_folder are described here.

NOTE: The web.config of the Production Instance should have modifications as described in Step 1 above.

6 – Extend SAWA License Subscription

At any time before your SAWA license expires. you may extend the subscription by taking the following steps:
We recommend that you extend at least 2 month before expiration in order to assure uninterrupted operation:

  • Request a quote for extension for one or more years.
    Confirm the details of your Azure Service Plan or inform about any changes to Inlite Sales.
  • After the payment for extension, Inlite will provide the new Production ILY file.
  • Place this file in the ily_folder of the Development Instance. Verify license status using SAWA Portal.
  • Replicate the ily_folder to all the Production Instances

SAWA Portal

After SAWA is installed, licensing and status are managed from this URL

Portal maybe used to:
  • Update license files
  • Check license status and subscription expiration date
  • Test ClearImage operations under installed license

Portal Items

USER section – Set User to activate installed License file within portal. This section is displayed if user is not yet set. To show when user is set, click Reset on the top of the page.
Use licenses for Set your user code: Enter name|code in text box then click this item.
Use evaluation licenses Set general evaluation for all users. Use this item only if instructed by Inlite.
INFO section.
Initialize Subscription Use this item only if instructed by Inlite
Download Subscription License Download current evaluation and subscription licences to default ILY folder.
IIS InformationDisplay system and IIS information
License Information Display ClearImage version, list of licensed products, license expiration dates and installed license files.
ClearImage section – Test ClearImage functions using build-in test image file. This section is displayed if user is set. If a specific function is not licensed, then am error is displayed.
Test image Information Display properties of test images file
Read Code39, Code128 and IMB Test reading of 1D barcodes
Read PDF417 barcode Test reading of PDF417 barcode
Read QR barcode Test reading of QR barcode
Read DataMatrix barcode Test reading of DataMatrix barcode
Read Driver License barcode Test reading and decoding Driver License

To verify licenses status

  1. Enter name|code in text box then click this item.
  2. Click Use licenses for
  3. Click License Information. Observe list of licensed products and expiration dates
  4. Click browsers’s Back button
  5. Click items in ClearImage section to verify functionality.

Development under IIS

It may be easier and faster to develop and debug the Web App on your local system under IIS rather than on Azure instance with a remote debugger. However SAWA license does not operate outside of Microsoft Azure Web App instance with its correct Subscription ID. To perform IIS-based development: