Driver License barcodes

Read Driver License barcode and decode data

Reading the Driver License barcode data provides properly spelled driver identification data in a reliable and consistent manner. The success rate approaches 100%. Barcode reading is faster and more accurate than trying to read the text on the front of the license







The image quality of the barcode on the back of the driver license image is lower quality than for scanned document. Licenses are covered by a relatively thick laminated coating that diffuses the images and may be scratched or smudged..

The ClearImage DL/ID Reader employs multiple image processing techniques to deal with the most difficult images attuned to read the specific barcode found on the back of the licenses. Inlite recommends the following best practices to achieve the highest recognition rate and recognition speed:

  • Scan driver license as grayscale at a resolution of 300dpi. If needed image can be saved for archival purposes at different resolution and color using the ClearImage API.
  • If using a camera, then
    • Use 3-5 Mega Pixel setting
    • Take the picture head on to keep the barcode rectangular
    • Avoid flash or shadows. Even illumination is best
  • Avoid using low-quality JPEG compression when saving images. Set the highest JPEG quality possible. Use these recommendations to mitigate effects of JPEG blocking.

Example of Driver License reader XML output

The following example shows the typical (California) barcode contents as provided by the DL/ID reader. The available contents varies from state to state, and between generations of licenses.