Read barcodes from a multi-page file or stream

In these examples 1D barcodes (Code39 and Code128) are read. To see how to read 2D and postal barcode click here.

Read barcodes from a multi-page file

The following examples demonstrate how to read all the barcodes of a selected type from each page of a multi-page TIF or PDF file. See examples above for details of reader configuration and result processing.
The .NET API includes functions that process all pages in the entire file with one invocation, while the COM API requires the application to iterate explicitly through each page of the file.








Read barcodes from stream object

These .NET examples demonstrate how to read a barcode from an image in a stream. Using streams allow the application to directly process database-stored images without using the windows file system as an intermediate storage facility. The COM API does NOT support streams.



Read barcodes from multiple files using threads

Executing the barcode recognition activities on multiple threads allows the application to utilize greater computational power, on the basis of one thread per available core. This sophisticated and more difficult technique is particularly valuable in server-based systems, which process a large volume of image files. See the code examples in the “Working with Threads” page.