Docker Container Licensing

ClearImage Container Licensing [NOT IMPLEMENTED]

The ClearImage Container Licensing provides access to ClearImage barcode recognition and image processing engines for applications operating inside a Docker container within AWS EC2 instance.


  • Docker Host: AWS EC2 Instance with Windows Server (IaaS) with EC2 Container Service
    Not supported: Auto Scaling , Elastic Beanstock (PaaS)
  • ClearImage installed on a Docker Host as
    ClearImage SDK operating in Evaluation mode.
    ClearImage PDK
    with registered licenses for at least one of the following products:
    • ClearImage Reader 1D (Server License)
    • ClearImage Reader 2D (Server License)
    • ClearImage Reader 1D+2D (Server License)
    • ClearImage Driver License Reader (Server License)
    • ClearImage IP (Server License)
  • Minimum Docker Image: microsoft/windowsservercore
  • Your application using ClearImage .NET API written in C#, VB or any other language supported by the .NET Framework.
    NOTE: .Net Core is not supported.

Installation and Licensing

1 – Install ClearImage on the Docker Host

  • Install ClearImage on the Docker Host
    • Use ClearImage SDK to install Evaluation Version.
    • Use ClearImage PDK to install Production Version
  • Run Inlite Control Center
    • Register the ClearImage Licenses for the Production Version

2 – Modify your application to use ClearImage Container License

Add the following line to your code before any other calls to ClearImage API:



Copy ClearImageNet.70.dll in your Application’s folder from.

  • Production version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Inlite\ClearImage PDK.X_X_XXXX folder
  • Evaluation version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Inlite\ClearImage SDK.X_X_XXXX folder
    Where X_X_XXXX is the ClearImage version

Add ClearImageNet.70.dll to your application Docker Image

To test your application on the Host with a Container License:

  • Remove ClearImageNet assembly from GAC
    Start Inlite Control Center. Select Versions tab. Click Remove from GAC button (if button is available) .

3 – Install ClearImage License in Docker container

ClearImage Container Licenses are located in container’s C:\ProgramData\Inlite folder.

To instal licenses in a newly created container execute this command on the host (can be part of the container launch script)

"%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Inlite\InliteControlCenter.exe" -k

To maintain valid container licenses the Inlite Control Center (ICC) adds CiContainerUpdate  to Windows Task Scheduler.
This task should not be disabled.