ClearImage OEM

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The ClearImage OEM Licensing system enables partners who executed an OEM License Agreement with Inlite, to distribute their applications containing Inlite components using their own licensing methods


  • The Inlite’s OEM Customer (OEMUSER) is the company that signed an OEM License Agreement with Inlite. In the following text "you" means OEMUSER.
  • An application authorized to use OEM licensing (OEMAPP), e.g. some_scan_app.exe
  • Unique 8-digit ID OEM Manager ID assigned to OEMUSER (YYYYYYYY)
  • Unique 8-digit ID OEM Application ID assigned to OEMUSER (ZZZZZZZZ)
  • A licensing file to be distributed with OEMAPP (OEMLIC)
    • The OEMLIC file is created and always should be located in the same folder as OEMAPP
    • The OEMLIC filename contains the filename of OEMAPP with the extension .ilx, e.g. some_scan_app.exe.ilx
    • The modified time attribure of OEMLIC is set to be the same as the modified time of OEMAPP
  • OEM Manager is a tool to generate OEMLIC. It is implemented as a special operational mode of the Inlite Control Center (ICC) application.

Licensing Process

OEM Manager Installation

The OEMUSER will provide a mutually acceptable time slot and access to their development workstation(s). Inlite staff will remotely log in, then install and license OEM SDK on up to four (4) OEMUSER development and build machines.:
  • The OEM Manager link is added to Windows Start menu. See:
    Start->Programs->ClearImage->Inlite OEM Manager for OEMUSER
  • In OEM Manager:
    • The Oem Licensing is listed in the Registered Products group on Licensing Tab
    • The Create OEM License File button is present on the Licensing Tab

OEMAPP Configuration

Add the following code to your OEMAPP code before any other calls to the ClearImage API





OEMLIC Generation

Generate the OEMLIC after each build of the OEMAPP. Use one of the following methods:

  • Interactively:
    • Run OEM Manager.
    • Click browse button to select OEMAPP as the Target File
    • Click the Create OEM License File button.
  • From command line.
    • Execute: "PF\Common Files\Inlite\InliteControlCenter.exe" -mYYYYYYYY -g"OEMAPP"
      Where: PF is the c:\Program Files folder on 32-bit Windows and the c:\Program Files (x86) folder on 64-bit Windows

OEMAPP Deployment

To deploy and use OEMAPP on end user system:

  • Install ClearImage PDK, supplied by Inlite. Use the /s option to install in silent mode, if needed.
    Note: Installation of ClearImage PDK constitutes an acceptance of the Terms and Condition of Inlite DULA by you and the end user.
  • Install the OEMAPP and the OEMLIC in the same folder.