Inlite Subscription Licensing

Inlite Subscription Licensing (ISL)

The Inlite Subscription license provides access to ClearImage barcode recognition and image processing engines for customer’s Windows applications operating under:

  • the Microsoft® Azure Web Apps Subscription (also named Azure App Service.)
  • Citix® XenDesktop and XenApps
  • Docker container
  • Azure Function

ISL features

  • Easy to deploy: No need for Administrator rights, no SDK installation, no Internet access.
  • Scalability: Deployment on multiple instances
  • Authorization: License is authorized using a custom signature, shared by all instances.
  • Delivery: License is delivered in an ILY license file. Each year’s subscription renewal delivers a new ILY file .
  • Price: The subscription price is based on customer requirements. Please contact to get a quote.

Evaluation Deployment

Use of ClearImage products is governed by terms of the latest Inlite Download User License Agreement (DULA), available at
By using the following procedure you AGREE to the terms of this agreement.

1 – Obtain evaluation license

  • Customer runs the following application, provided by Inlite, on at least 3 instances of the target environment.
       ILYutil -c info 
    Email to the three output files , generated on each target system.
  • Inlite will provide the following components:
    • 30-day Evaluation ILY file, typically named NNNNNNN.yyyy-mm-dd.eval.ily Where:
      NNNNNNN - I a 7 digit unique Subscription ID
      yyyy-mm-dd – subscription expiration date
    • User code is string in the form name|code , where name identifies name of your company and code is 16 character HEX string, e.g. YourCompany|abcdef0123456789

2 – Install license

Place ILY file in any folder on the target system, readable by your application. Search locations ofr ILY Files:

  • Folder pointed by ILYPATH environmental variable.
  • C:\ProgramData\Inlite folder
  • D:\home\sites\wwwroot\bib\Inlite folder (On Azzure Web Apps)

3 – Verify license

Execute the following command. If your installation is correct, the output is the list of licensed modules with their subscription expiration days.
   ILYutil -c verify -u "name|code")
Where name|code the User Code supplied by Inlite.

4 – Enable licensing in your code

Make the following call before ANY calls to ClearImage API:
  Inlite.ClearImageNet.Server.SetVar("user", "name|code");
Where name|code is a User Code supplied by Inlite.

Production Deployment

1 – Purchase Inlite Subscription License

Inlite sales will provide a quote for subscription price based on anticipated peak usage of ClearImage functionality.

2 – Install Production License

Following the purchase of a license, Inlite will provide you with the Production ILY file, typically named NNNNNNN.yyyy-mm-dd.ily.
Place this file in the folder pointed by ILYPATH environmental variable

3 – Extend Inlite Subscription License

At any time before your subscription expires. you may extend the subscription by taking the following steps:
We recommend that you extend at least 2 month before expiration in order to ensure uninterrupted operation:

  • Request a quote for extension for one or more years.
    Confirm the details of your production deployment and inform Inlite Sales about any changes.
  • After the payment for extension, Inlite will provide the new Production ILY file.
  • Place this file in the ILYPATH folder of your staging or master instance.
  • Verify new expiration date using procedure above.

Development Process

It may be easier and faster to develop and debug your application on your local system rather than on a target instance with a remote debugger. However, the Inlite Subscription license does not operate outside of the target instance
To perform local development: