ClearImage v11 Licensing

This document explains licensing modes of the ClearImage v11 and later.
To learn about licensing of the ClearImage v9 and earlier see here.

Operational Modes

Evaluation Mode

In Evaluation mode enables full functionality. To activate this mode:

  • Send e-mail to with you name, company name, e-mail address and short description of your project.
  • We will e-mail you an evaluation license file
  • Save this file in your applications folder or in C:\ProgramData\Inlite folder on the target system.
  • Run your application

Licensed Mode

This is a production mode where licensed modules are fully functional. To activate this mode:

  • Purchase license from the Order page. Alternatively e-mail to to get an Invoice, to submit PO or to pay by wire.
  • Upon payment you will receive an e-mail with a link to install ClearImage SDK and a license registration certificate.
  • Install the ClearImage SDK, if not done yet.
  • Register license in the Inlite Control Center using license registration certificate(s)
    If system is not connected to the Internet use offline procedure.
  • Run your application.

Unlicensed Mode

This is a development mode where partial results are returned. This is a default mode if neither evaluation or licensed modes are active.
In this mode

  • Unlicensed barcode recognition methods return partial barcode value.
  • Image saving methods put an imprint in the middle of an image before saving.
  • Image measurement methods generate an exception.

ClearImage v11 vs ClearImage v9

With the introduction of ClearImage v11, the licensing model has been modified to support new integration requirements, like the .Net 6 and NuGet distribution. The major changes vs. ClearImage v9 and earlier versions are:

Feature ClearImage v11 ClearImage v9
Installation Single ClearImage SDK Installer for evaluation and production.
The ClearImage.IP.BarcodeReader NuGet package for .Net applications.
The ClearImage SDK Installer for evaluation/development.
The ClearImage PDK Installer for production.
Production mode Install the ClearImage SDK
Register license in the Inlite Control Center
Install the ClearImage PDK
Register license in the Inlite Control Center
Evaluation mode Contact to obtain an evaluation license file. 60-days evaluation license is activated after SDK or PDK installation.
.NET Versions Support .Net 5, .Net 6 and latter
.Net Core 3.0, .Net Core 3.1
.Net Framework 4.6.2 and later

.Net Framework 4.0 and later

.NET Activation ClearImageNet.70.dll assembly installed in an application folder using NuGet packages. ClearImageNet.70.dll assembly installed in GAC by the Inlite Control Center
COM API Registered by the Inlite Control Center. the same
Java API Use how-to instructions the same