ClearImage v11 Licensing

This document explains licensing modes of the ClearImage v11 and later.
To learn about licensing of the ClearImage v9 and earlier, see here.

Getting Started

ClearImage-based Applications




WebAPI Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader CLI

License Types

Evaluation License

This mode is automatically enabled for 60 days after user registration through the Inlite Portal.
The Multi-device Licensing section explains how to use this mode.

Single-device License

This mode is compatible with ClearImage v9 licensing. A single-device license is locked to a physical system, VM machine, or cloud instance.
Purchase license on the Order Page or contact for volume purchase.
Licenses are registered and administered through the Inlite Control Center application.

Multi-device License

Multi-device device license enables the ClearImage-based applications (Barcode recognition, Driver License Reader, Image Processing) to run on scaleble Windows system like:

  • As a serverless (FaaS) application. (e.g. AWS Lambda, Azure Function, Google Cloud Function, etc.)
  • In a container (e.g. Docker)
  • In the PaaS environment (AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Azure Service Apps, etc.)
  • In any virtualization environment (Desktop, workspace, and application level) (e.g. Citrix)
  • As a microservice

Multi-device device license enables the Barcode Reader CLI to runs on 64-bit Windows on 64-bit Linux systems.

To purchase a multi-device license subscription, contact

Unlicensed Operations

If the ClearImage-based application calls a method that is not activated in the available licenses, the following results:

  • Barcode recognition methods return partial barcode value.
  • Image saving methods put an imprint in the middle of the saved image.
  • Image measurement methods generate an exception.

Multi-device Licensing Operation

Inlite Portal

The Inlite Portal is a Web Application to administer the Evaluation and Multi-device licenses.
To Sign Up (or register) or to Log In, go to
Signing up requires a valid e-mail address that is validated before access to the portal is granted.

Select the User Information on the left to update your information and change your password.
Select the Licenses on the left to view your licenses, get an authorization code, download the license file, etc.


Use of the multi-device license requires two components:

  • License file. It contains license properties.
  • Authorization code. It extracts license properties at runtime.

Essential license properties are:

  • Licensed modules. Each module enables runtime use of associated ClearImage methods.
  • License expiration date. It is either the evaluation license expiration date or the subscription expiration date.
  • License grace date. If set, it enables operation after the license expiration date while a subscription for the next period is purchased.
  • Lease expiration date. Automatically downloaded license file expiration date can be earlier than the License expiration date.

The license file can be obtained in two methods:

  • Manually downloaded by the user. See below.
    This method might not be available for some subscriptions.
  • Automatically downloaded by the application.
    This method requires online access to
    The downloaded license is leased to a runtime system for a limited period of time (typically seven days). When a lease expires new license file is automatically downloaded.

The manually downloading license file

To download the license file, login into the Inlite Portal. Select Licences on the left. Click the Download license link under your license and save the license file on your system.
License is available for downloading only if:

  • License is associated with an active subscription.
  • The subscription allows manual download. Otherwise, it is marked as Online only.

Copy the downloaded file to one of the following locations on your runtime system:

  • Folder containing your ClearImage-based application or the BarcodeReader CLI.
  • Current directory/folder
  • Folders names in the value of ILYPATH environmental variable. To set multiple folders, separate them by the semicolon (;) on Windows or by the colon (:) on Linux.
  • C:\ProgramData\Inlite\ClearImage folder (Windows only)

Authorization code

To obtain an authorization code, login into the Inlite Portal. Select Licences on the left. Click on copy-icon.png to the right of the authorization code value (listed under the license name). Paste from the clipboard.

To apply authorization code at runtime, use one of the following methods:

  • Programmatically. Call these method before any othe ClearImage API calls.
    C++: CiServer server = new CiServer(); server["auth"] = "authorization_code";
    C#: Server.SetVar("auth", "authorization_code");
  • Value of ILYAUTH environmental variable
  • Value in C:\ProgramData\Inlite\ClearImage\ci.ini file (Windows only)
  • Value on BarcodeReader CLI command line or configuration file.

To set multiple authorization codes, separate them by the vertical bar (|).
NOTE: Using invalid authorization codes can significantly downgrade performance.